Collaborative publication

Invited artists: C.W. Moss (USA), Jeffrey Cheung (USA), Juan Narowé (Brazil), Mantraste (Portugal)

Open Call Submissions: Alice Sprascio (Netherlands), Amir Brito (Brazil), André Ruivo (Portugal), Bruno Lucas (Portugal), Caio Guedes (Brazil), Camilo Garcia (Colombia), Christian Toro (Chile), Daria Tommasi (Italy), Ema Gaspar (Portugal), Halfstudio (Portugal), Ermãos Monjon (Brazil), Joana Bettencourt (Portugal), Joana Pardal (Portugal), Joana Rosa Bragança (Portugal), Lourenço Providência (Portugal), Margarida Ferreira (Portugal), Maria Grande (Spain), Mike Funkhouser (USA), Monique Sena (Brazil), Nicolae Negura (Portugal), Paulo Mariz (Portugal), Rada Nastai (Deutschland), Santo Mealheiro (Portugal), Simón Sepúlveda (Chile)

In stock


200 × 297 mm
60 pages
Risograph printing on Munken Print White 90 g paper.
Limited edition of 250 copies.
Dustjacket poster.

Stolen Books // Published April 2019

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