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    BOYS APPETITE – Miguel Flor

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    Boys Appetite rises a desire for youth, the body (mostly male) and its expressions.

  • Plastic – Dinis Santos


    "Each era has its own monuments and achievements. Capitalism has indeed many great things and its ability to produce large amounts of plastic might be the greatest one"

  • DESOBJECTION – António da Cruz Rodrigues


    There is no quest if the photograph is a kind of map that delimits a space, looking to contain infinity and thus losing its fascination. It shouldn't be a list of explicit elements, as if we were grocery shopping. What fascinates me about an image is that it doesn't have a list that defines it, that imposes its limits, that contextualizes it. I have no anxiety to contain everything in an image, just as I have no desire to buy everything at once in the supermarket or to live everything at once.

  • DESOBJECTION – António da Cruz Rodrigues


    There is no quest if the photograph is a kind of map that delimits a space, looking to contain infinity and thus losing its fascination. It shouldn't be a list of explicit elements, as if we were grocery shopping. What fascinates me about an image is that it doesn't have a list that defines it, that imposes its limits, that contextualizes it. I have no anxiety to contain everything in an image, just as I have no desire to buy everything at once in the supermarket or to live everything at once.

  • FKLW #1


    Collaborative publication Invited artists: C.W. Moss (USA), Jeffrey Cheung (USA), Juan Narowé (Brazil), Mantraste (Portugal) Open Call Submissions: Alice Sprascio (Netherlands), Amir Brito (Brazil), André Ruivo (Portugal), Bruno Lucas (Portugal), Caio Guedes (Brazil), Camilo Garcia (Colombia), Christian Toro (Chile), Daria Tommasi (Italy), Ema Gaspar (Portugal), Halfstudio (Portugal), Ermãos Monjon (Brazil), Joana Bettencourt (Portugal), Joana Pardal (Portugal), Joana Rosa Bragança (Portugal), Lourenço Providência (Portugal), Margarida Ferreira (Portugal), Maria Grande (Spain), Mike Funkhouser (USA), Monique Sena (Brazil), Nicolae Negura (Portugal), Paulo Mariz (Portugal), Rada Nastai (Deutschland), Santo Mealheiro (Portugal), Simón Sepúlveda (Chile)



    Visual contributions Stickers and Stamps As Toupeiras Aquellos que Esperan Borja Larrondo & Diego Sánchez No 60º aniversário da Revolução Cubana | On the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, 2018 Daniel Blaufuks Untitled Diogo Simões HTD Communication, Domotics, from How Things Dream Discipula Good and bad good and bad, 2018 Ignasi Aballí Writing (full texts) Editorial: Arte não é Propaganda! | Art is not Propaganda!, 2018 Sofia Silva Fire Inside, 2018 Pete Brook A fotografia à porta de casa e a propaganda | Propaganda and photography at the front door, 2018 (translation by Sofia Silva) Teresa Mendes Flores Shooting in the name of (and now you do what they told ya): Photojournalism – keeping the status quo, 2018 (translation by Sofia Silva) Rodrigo Peixoto, after intense dialogue with Valter Ventura Other Covers by Propeller and Matilde Ventur Design by Paulo Arraiano

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    The Life Of Ruben – Bernardo Sousa Santos

    33.00 30.00

    “The life of Ruben” is the result of chance. An album of childhood photographs found on the street among other remains is now censored with gouache and finally rearranged. It had already ceased to be life, it became an object. From a set of just over a hundred images, twenty-five are presented to give shape to a reinvented memory.



    Visual Essays (previews) Artwork from 1978 to 2007 Lynne Cohen Beyond Zone 0 Vanessa Silvestre Paulo Triaden Ute Klein Borderline Sofia Ayarzagoitia Fake News Letícia Ramos Open Call – Shortlist #1 Agnieszka Gotowala, Felipe Abreu, Hiro Tanaka, Paulo Simão   Writings (full texts) Lynne Cohen’s Fictions Andrew Lugg Apontamentos sobre a Ficção | Notes on Fiction (translation by Sofia Silva) João Peneda Écfrase, um trompe l’oeil narrativo e algo mais | Ekphrasis, a narrative trompe l’oeil and something more (translation by Soraya Vasconcelos) Mário Avelar A selection of Ester Krumbachová’s tales Translated by Francis McKee   Other Covers by Propeller and Soraya Vasconcelos No princípio era o verbo… by Propeller



    Bugaboo shows a photographic work about self-representation through the dislodgement of objects which, in the field, serve to scare away predatory birds, simulating the presence of human beings. These objects, in a studio environment, stripped of their main function, gain metaphorical interpretation, mirroring each one of their creators.

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    KINGDOM -Rita Lino

    18.00 9.00

    “Fighting can be one way to make peace with oneself. (…) For Rita Lino, her last chapter in life needed to end and the remnants of sorrow laid to rest and so her madness had reached a climax and she needed to erupt. She decided that in the fight that is the life she needed to let go and wrestle out her demons with two compassionate and willing, male comrades to aid her in this hour of need. Undignified naked forms, red-faced with contorted expressions, tangled body parts, confused, fragmented, the anger, frustration, and pain squeezed out. Emptied and in the process guarding the essential self.” — Michael Grieve

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    ON EXILE – José Carlos Teixeira

    24.00 20.00

    Texts by Ana Anacleto, João Pinharanda, Steven Henry Madoff, Jeremy David Bendik-Keymer, Maria Iñigo Clavo, Linda Ehrlich, Maria de Fátima Lambert, and Jean D. Soares (PT/EN) This book presents, through a series of works produced between 2016 and 2017, a reflective look on, on the one hand, mental illness and depression and, on the other hand, refugee status in the current context. The concept of exile is both thought of from a geopolitical perspective, as it is interpreted metaphorically. With reference to the language of the documentary, the video-essays on display methodologically explore the interview as artistic practice and kinematic territory, creating space for empathy and allowing the construction of intimate and psychological portraits.



    Includes visual essays by João Penalva, Jörg Sasse, José Luís Neto, Robert Zhao Renhui, Sjoerd Knibbeler, among others. Texts by Walter Benjamin, Maria Filomena Molder, Soraya Vasconcelos, Brad Feuerhelm, talk with Lauren Henkin and Sofia Silva. Cover by Valter Ventura and works by Alex Gomez-Marin, Douglas Collins and Sónia Marques. When we chose to dedicate Propeller’s No. 1 issue to the “Stain”, we were moved by a desire to think about abstract photography. Above all, we wanted to investigate the morphological nature of photography, not only in terms of matter but above all in what transcends the same matter, transforming photography into an artistic entity. On the one hand, we were interested in thinking about a photography less dependent on the lines that circumvent the universally coded elements - human figures, natural elements, etc. - on the other hand, we wanted to venture into the depths of the mechanism of photographic representation and, there located, think how the absolute stain of photography is constituted: how is photography an image? How is photography pictured from, with and in addition to the elements that are imprinted on it?

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    PELE E PEDRA – Ana Rito

    24.00 20.00

    Texts by Isabel Nogueira, João Silvério, Ana Rito (PT/EN) Ana Rito investigates the presence of the body and the image. And when attentive to the perception modes and a sense of permanence, she also researches the relationships established over time and space. The reference of the title to skin and stone invokes the succession of strata and the density that makes up the matter, but also the way the artist approaches her work. In these works, the human figure is predominantly alone and in tension. The action arises from a relationship with the environment and with the objects that populate it, often reported to the body. And the way light shifts reinforces the expressiveness of matter, which is already accentuated.



    Propeller was born to promote the space given to photographic expression, but above all to think about the limits of its aesthetics, aiming at sharing original content. In addition to the publication of portfolios and visual essays by authors recognized by the public, at Propeller we’re focused on sharing new prespectives, that somehow potentiate a critical approach to the field of photography. With a semiannual periodicity, Propeller is a project by HÉLICE‘s team

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    ARQUIVO E INTERVALO – José Maçãs de Carvalho

    24.00 20.00

    This book brings together four texts that approach four films around the subject of the archive and which somehow epitomize key issues of photographic and videographic practice. Since 2010, the artist’s practice has been exclusively around issues relating to the archive and its expressiveness. At the same time, this project gave rise to an academic research that crossed practice and thinking, spreading to several exhibitions.

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    55.00 27.50

    This book is a sequel to Olaio’s canvas with the same title and comes with a 7” vinyl with two versions of the song Yellow Birds in the Shade, a happy melancholy. A limited art object with an original handmade drawing on each cover, making each copy unique.

  • UNPACKING – José Maçãs de Carvalho


    “Unpacking” summarizes, on an experimental basis, the process of meaning of photographic images taken over more than twenty years, from the author’s archive. The work “Bilder Atlas” of Aby Warburg (1866-1929) and two key ideas: the “law-of-good-neighborly” that would create “non-hierarchical” relations between images, and also a “iconology of the interval” concept to define the significance relationships between images and their relational tensions, are taken as cultural reference and stylistic matrix. This book can be an “atlas-of-image” which condenses in power, the traffic between the unique and the universal, the private and the public, image and language, in a retrospective and self-reflection process in order to understand the formal and conceptual universe of the author’s file.