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    "The work of visual artist João Belga is made up of multiple layers, significations, and meanings. In his painting, musical, visual, literary and philosophical references are combined in a markedly urban remix, which revives the collective spirit and the Art / Life binomial. An extremely confident drawing often serves as the basis for a painting that expands its strict and traditional limits and that spills over into collage, silkscreen, photography, fanzines, visual notebooks, artist's books and, finally, the screen surface, from small to large format, in the context of an installation. […] David Lynch is one of the references of João Belga's work, with his unclassifiable time and pseudo-narrative, where reality and fiction are merged and confused." (words by Rui Afonso Santos)

  • 2018 – Bráulio Amado


    “There is a style that can be considered ‘no-style’. It’s something that can be eventually mastered, although naturally, it’s a bumpier road than sticking to one thing. The plus side though is that nothing is out of reach – you can always experiment, change and adapt.” Edd Norval (Compulsive Contents)

  • SOUND CLIMAX – Pedro Cabral Santo


    SoundClimax is not really a book. It pretends to be a true artistic artifact, able to cross the poetic, sonorous and moving image through a series of artworks made in the last 30 years, mostly in partnership and collaboration. 17 video installations, 17 ambient sound pieces (remix, mixture, found footage, noise, sampling, trash and sound pieces), from the FUZIVEL Project platform, with sound design and remastering by Fernando Fadigas, and also 17 excerpts from poems make the final object.

  • 2016 – Bráulio Amado


    “In 2016 I did more than a hundred posters. This is a collection of (almost) all of them. I took some out because they were really really really bad. Others I just couldn’t find the high res files.”

  • Sale!


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    This book is a sequel to Olaio’s canvas with the same title and comes with a 7” vinyl with two versions of the song Yellow Birds in the Shade, a happy melancholy. A limited art object with an original handmade drawing on each cover, making each copy unique.