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    145 × 205 mm 208 pages Risograph printing on Munken Print White 90 g and PopSet 80 g paper. Limited edition of 50 copies. ISBN 978-989-54373-0-6 DELLI_press and Stolen Books // Published March 2019

  • 2018 – Bráulio Amado


    “There is a style that can be considered ‘no-style’. It’s something that can be eventually mastered, although naturally, it’s a bumpier road than sticking to one thing. The plus side though is that nothing is out of reach – you can always experiment, change and adapt.” Edd Norval (Compulsive Contents)

  • 2017 – Bráulio Amado


    After the success of 2016, Bráulio repeats the formula in 2017, making use of the fact that he rarely repeats formulas to offer us a book with unpublished works, such as posters, illustrations, identities, exhibitions, merchandising and other works, all materialized in 2017. “(…) Bráulio continues to consistently create intense, frenetic, almost manic pieces at an exhausting rate. The posters seem to reference a wide variety of historic cultural designs from around the world without copying any of them. They feel contemporary but at the same time vintage. The fun is turning each page to see what new technique or typeface is being distorted or invented. (…) Bráulio plays every instrument in the orchestra and he plays them like an experimental jazz musician - with skill and with creativity.” — Luke Hayman (Pentagram)

  • 2016 – Bráulio Amado


    “In 2016 I did more than a hundred posters. This is a collection of (almost) all of them. I took some out because they were really really really bad. Others I just couldn’t find the high res files.”

  • CORNER – Miguel Vieira Baptista


    The drawings - glorious, detailed, rigorosos- are gathered in a beautiful book. They are technical drawings, and all appear at least once in the book full scale. They are technical testimony, precision, but more than that, they are testimonies of love. Only a crazy person in love could spend 90 minutes, two hours around a corner to make such a beautiful thing. It takes dedication, kindness, treat muscle. The designs are made of graphite, and painted a felt pen or brush with a crazy care not to drip. Yes, it’s crazy. Yes, it is beautiful.