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    BOYS APPETITE – Miguel Flor

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    Boys Appetite rises a desire for youth, the body (mostly male) and its expressions.

  • SOLIN SALA RA – Manuel Donada


    It is not talking about the origin of this book, because this book, infinite, varied, diverse, always similar and always different, perpetual and changing, has existed from all eternity. Nothing has been discovered, everything has been found. But in the heart of this artifact everything changes, everything is transformed, everything evolves. These pages have not existed at any time or any place, the message itself has an origin and the magic emanating from each of its pages can never be trained. At this point, there is nothing to do. It would be lovely to wait for the revolution of an admirable science. This book is dedicated, in part, to all those punks of sectarian mentality and false morals, those who feed the annihilation of the individual and those who are part of a camouflaged class, who die of fear and grief with the idea of being isolated. To all those who do not violently reject the supporters of an absurd and pestilent elite. To the loose dogs of abstract camaraderie that obstructs the spiritual, individual and cosmic revolution. To the victims of the revolution block, accomplices of permanent repression, duck-faced corpses and wild manners, all obstacles of the universal protest.

  • DID U CUM YET – Richie Culver


    "There will be much to say about the role of the online social site in years to come. In more ways than a few, it has altered the production, the promotion, the market and the viewing of contemporary an for the foreseeable future. The biopolitics of the mediated world is a polymorphic authority that is constantly shifting with its own survival instinct, and many artists have sought to steal their autonomy back as both the provocative rebel (see Richard Prince's Instagram canvases) or as the buffoon-grandpa with a taste for contemporary art (see Mark Grotjahn's feed). DID U CUM YET is the Instagram project gone rogue. For all intents, the algorithms and recommendations performed beautifully, earning the image such titles as "white, straight, basic," "pinhead" and "go fuck your stupid art. Seriously though." That this has become a book, therefore, is the rogue element. Reality disenfranchised to its vivid alter ego online. An experiment asking for observations and conclusions, the event that transpired was experienced centrifugally by Richie; a swirling mayhem of voices, tags and comments that must've felt dizzying and disconcerting to be at the centre of. Is DID U CUM YET a poem? An abstract narrative? A transcript of a call-in radio show? Telepathy en masse? A coroner's report? Whatever such a collection of dialogue might be called, it continues the hard work of the original in faith to its provocative simplicity, and begs the question one more time to those who felt compelled to comment on Richie's work, if at last they have finally had the satisfaction of unloading their viscous bile." Excerpt from OLIVER MORRIS JONES, Nov. 2019   Richie Culver’s art works have become a phenomenon within the emerging art scene in the last two years. The artist’s autobiographical approach explores the cultural and social binaries found in the UK’s socio-political systems. His canvases, all of which are categorised into series, depict everyday scenarios that are recognised for their humour and references to popular culture. Common ‘Culver iconography’ includes greyhound racing, Princess Di, barbershop scenes, car logos and counterfeit goods from local markets. Born in Hull, Culver openly uses his experiences of growing up in the North as important material, often juxtaposed with his move to London as an adult. His exhibition ‘No one knows me like Dawn from the Job Centre’ reflects the way in which he stereotypes and often incorporates humour as a way of dealing with charged subjects that highlight the stark contrast between the South and North of the UK. Often occupied by large white space, Culver combines both abstract and figurative elements, which continue to evolve stylistically, as does his reputation as a social commentator, post-Brexit. Words by LARA MONRO, interview for Dateagle Art, Sept. 2018

  • Plastic – Dinis Santos


    "Each era has its own monuments and achievements. Capitalism has indeed many great things and its ability to produce large amounts of plastic might be the greatest one"



    The snake eats its own tail. But it is only after a long time of chewing that she recognizes that she devours the snake's taste. She stops then ... But after another time, having nothing else to eat, she comes back to herself ... Then she has her head on her throat.

  • VERY USEFUL – Fábio Zimbres


    Fabio Zimbres was born in São Paulo in 1960. Dropped out of Architecture school FAU-USP and graduated on Visual Arts at IA-UFRGS. Zimbres Was part of the team that created and edited Animal Magazine in the late 80’s in São Paulo. Around that time, he started contributing with his comics to publications like Chiclete com Banana and A Folha de São Paulo. He was also involved with the Brazilian alternative press of the early 90’s. In 1997 he started an imprint by the name Tonto to publish small books by Brazilian and Latin-American cartoonists like Lourenáo Mutarelli, Fido Nesti, Elenio Pico, Allan Sieber, Eloar Guazzelli, Mariana Massarani and many others. Apocalipse Segundo Dr. Zeug, the book he did for this collection has been recently translated and republished in the magazine Now by Fantagraphics Books. He has contributed comics and illustration to a series of publications in Brasil and abroad: Dundum, Lapin, Comix 2000, Rosetta, Lapiz Japones, Blood Orange, Strapazin and others A book published in 2009 collected the comicstrips (Vida Boa) he did for A Folha de São Paulo during the year 2000. Música para Antropomorfos is a joint effort with the band Mechanics where rock music and comics mingled and resulted in a book and record in 2006. The famed publisher from Valencia, Spain, Media Vaca published a version of Blaise Cendrars’ Panam· with his illustrations. He has been in small press fairs in Brazil and abroad with some of his artists books works, handmade publications with reuse of discarded books and other printed matter and other stuff like floppy disks and CDs. He also takes part in the collectives A Casa do Desenho (with Ediardo Haebaert and Gelson Radaelli) and Desenhomatic Ltda (with Jaca). The gallery Bolsa de Arte represents him in São Paulo and Porto Alegre. in Artzines website

  • JUSTE AVANT OU JUSTE APRES – Vittorio Santoro


    250 x 350 mm (box) Limited edition of 80 copies, all numbered and signed by the artist. 3 colors screen-printed box containing different items, including two signed one-color screen-printed newspaper pages. Design by Vittorio Santoro in collaboration with Luís Alegre. Text by Daniel Kurjakovic, translated by Patrick Lafièvre. Photography by Rebecca Fanuele, Marco Blessano, Vittorio Santoro. ISBN 978-989-54373-5-1 Yvon Lambert and Stolen Books // Published May 2019

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Patrik Andreas Mollwing

Born and raised in Umeå, Västerbotten, Patrik is a Swedish creative, art director and illustrator.

Ricardo Passaporte

Lisbon-based artist. He bows to Abstract Expressionism with an obvious focus on process and the intensely expressive gesture that runs throught his work.

Bráulio Amado

Born in 1987, Almada, Portugal. Graphic designer and illustrator, he is half of the new multi-purpose mutant store/class/art space SSHH, in the East Village, NYC.

André Carrilho

Is a designer, illustrator, cartoonist, animator and caricature artist, born in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Bráulio Amado

“There is a style that can be considered ‘no-style’. It’s something that can be eventually mastered, although naturally, it’s a bumpier road than sticking to one thing. The plus side though is that nothing is out of reach – you can always experiment, change and adapt.”

Edd Norval (Compulsive Contents)


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